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Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263CGHT The ALTA PRO 2+ 263CGHT Carbon Fiber Tripod kit combines the... mehr
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Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263CGHT

The ALTA PRO 2+ 263CGHT Carbon Fiber Tripod kit combines the lightweight ALTA PRO 2+ 263CT Carbon Fiber tripod legs with the Multi-Angle Center Column along with the unique styled Vanguard ALTA GH-300T pistol grip ball head. The ALTA GH-300T pistol grip ball head is uniquely styled head to Vanguard and will appeal to many users in wedding, portrait, action and the macro shot markets. This head allows you to lock, unlock and reposition your camera with one hand while making camera adjustments with the other. Its versatile movement provides almost limitless positioning with 360° panning and 90° tilt. The built-in friction system is designed to accommodate changing equipment weights and balances. Its magnesium alloy construction provides lightweight, long-lasting durability!

Lightweight, compact and built for location shooting. The 3 section Alta Pro 2+ 263CT carbon fiber tripod is capable of load capacities up to 15.4lbs/7kg. This lightweight tripod has ergonomic ¼ turn lock and unlocks twist style leg locks. Multi-degree setting leg angle selections allow you complete flexibility to reach the maximum height of 68.25”/173.2cm or combined with the Vanguard MACC get as low 9”/23cm.

Added triggering capabilities allow for additional flexibility. Nikon TN1 and Canon TC1 cables are included. With the built-in 2.5mm DC shutter release cable input jack most DSLR’s will be able to take advantage of the Alta GH-300T triggering. Other cables and cameras can be used but need to be tested. Panoramas can be shot with the Alta GH-300T. The top rotating platform enables a 360° rotation with 72 click points for perfect panoramic pictures. This feature combined with your favorite stitching software gives you the added panoramic functionality if needed.

The Alta GH-300T head comes complete with the head, complete with bubble levels, Arca Style mounting plate, Nikon and Canon trigger cables. A reducing bushing is included in case you mount this head to a ¼”-20 screw.

Alta Pro 2+ 263CT Tripod Features:

3 section compact carbon fiber tripod
¼ turn lock/unlock twist lock legs
Multi-Angle Center Column (MACC)
4 labeled multi-leg angle selections (20°, 40°, 60°, 80°)
15.4lbs/7kg load capacity
Anti-Slip rubber feet – Remove and replace with optional spiked feet
Alta GH-300T Ball Pistol Grip Head Features:

Built with a Magnesium Alloy which provides lightweight construction and long-lasting durability
Arca-type quick release system with a built-in safety pin
Lock, unlock, and reposition your camera comfortably with one hand, leaving the other hand free to make camera adjustments
Built-in shutter release trigger for capturing fast-moving objects easily. Universal 2.5mm DC shutter release cable input jack compatible with most DSLRs
8-stop Handle positioning
Versatile movement provides almost limitless positioning with 360°panning and 90°tilt
72-click point panning makes for precise panoramas with virtually all lens
Built-In Friction System to accommodate changing equipment weight and balance
2 Bubble levels
Anodized center ball for extremely fluid movement without sacrificing control
Alta GH-300T works with an Arca-type quick release system & built-in safety pin which can handle payloads up to 6 kg (13.2 lbs)
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